Woo-Hoo! You’re Engaged! So, what now?

 23rd Jan 2019
A little bit of information about why doing a pre-wedding photoshoot is a fab idea!

Yay! You’re engaged! Congratulations!

Whether you’ve set the date or not, you’re probably starting to think about all the things you need to book for the big day. There’s a LOT to think about. One of those things is going to be your wedding photography. Do you want to have a professional? (The answer here should be yes!) Who should you pick? What will the cost be? How long do we want them there? There are lots of questions. Not only that, but a lot of people hear the word ‘photos’ and begin to recoil in terror. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Most people feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera. I know I do for sure. So, this is what brings me to my reason for today’s blog. Pre-wedding or engagement photo shoots. There are many reasons why considering this is a good idea. Like I mentioned before, a lot of people start to get a bit squirmy when they think about having to ‘perform’ in front of a camera. The last thing you want on your big day is to feel uneasy about having your photographs taken. You want to feel as relaxed as possible. When you have a pre-wedding photoshoot, you begin to see how it feels to be in front of the camera. One of the things I pride myself on is making my couples feel relaxed around me. It’s how I’m able to capture the shots that I do. It also enables me to see how you interact as a couple so that when I shoot you on the big day, I already have an idea of what the two of you are like together and you guys already know how I shoot and what to expect. It allows us to connect. Which, again, is such an important part into the way I get my lovely natural shots of you.

Whenever I have done a pre-wedding shoot with a couple, they always comment on how much they enjoyed it, and how relaxed I made them feel. When it comes to the wedding day, you’ll feel totally at ease and it will almost be like having one of your mates there snapping away while you two have a giggle and enjoy yourselves. The nerves you may have felt had you not had a shoot previously are completely dispelled and, hopefully, you’ll feel that you can totally be who and how you are with each other.

Not only that, but you also have a gorgeous set of images that capture you and the love you have for each other! Bonus!

So, get in touch! Even if you just fancy having a couples’ photoshoot but ultimately choose a different photographer – I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a few examples from some of my favourite couples…


Thanks for looking!







Burning Man Inspired Shoot

 17th Jul 2018
Burning man themed photoshoot at Pevensey Castle


Back in April at the QQW ‘Ye Olde Medieval Wedding Fayre’ I had the pleasure of exhibiting with some amazing suppliers. Two of those suppliers were Yvette of ‘The Preening Peacock’ and Terry of ‘Bridgercraft leatherware’… The husband and wife team join forces to create the most stunning headpieces and leather body armour fit for the most majestic of elven queens and warrior kings.

Whilst Yvette & Terry each work individually, they often collaborate on pieces combining their skills and knowledge, with Terry specialising in medieval, viking, fantasy, steampunk and utility ware and Yvette specialising in bespoke pieces that encompass the fantasy/faerie/cosplay/steampunk theme.

Each fantastical piece is uniquely and beautifully created using ethically sourced feathers & skulls (Yvette knows someone in the pest control business!) leather, felt, wool & fur….or anything that takes their fancy really! The time and effort that goes into each piece is clear in the quality of craftmanship and I fell in love with a piece that had to come home with me! (Obviously!)

Yvette and I talked about the possibility of a styled shoot, Yvette in particular liked the burning man theme, so that I could photograph some of her headpieces, and so it came to be that on a beautiful sunny Sunday with Pevensey Castle as our backdrop, some models (including Yvette herself) and a lot of sandwiches we created some awesome portraits of Yvette and Terry’s fabulous pieces.

With Festival season upon us, why don’t you take a peek at Yvette and Terry’s Facebook pages here and here and see if there’s something that takes your fantasy fancy? I myself, will be wearing not one, not two but THREE of their amazing creations when I go to Shambala Festival in August. I think it’s clear to say that they have gained a fan!

Here’s a few piccies to give you an inkling into the wonderous world of The Preening Peacock & Bridgecraft Leatherware… Enjoy!


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Ceri & Stuart’s Brighton Amble

 7th Oct 2017
Pre-Wedding shoot on Brighton Beach

I met Ceri & Stuart for their pre-wedding shoot in a pub in Brighton on Pride weekend. They had originally said no to having a pre-wedding shoot and I think Stuart in particular thought that it would end up being ‘cheesy and a bit awkward’. The more we spoke about it, the more convinced they were that, actually, it could be quite a bit of fun and not something to feel uncomfortable about.

We finished up our beers and headed out towards the seafront. And it was fab! Brighton seafront always provides such a stunning backdrop for photographs and it never lets me down when I want to shoot there and this occasion was no different. The weather was fab with just the right amount of cloud and sunshine and these guys ROCKED! I think they were both a bit surprised by how much they enjoyed it! We wandered around and it was lovely to see these guys and how totally cute they are together. Here’s what we got up to as we strolled along the seafront together.

As we finished up the shoot and were about to head back to our cars, those guys to head back home and me to join the pride celebrations, the wind began to get stronger, the blue sky  began to darken above us with thick swirly clouds.  It was stunning and I LOVE a dramatic sky so just as Ceri & Stuart thought they would be able to make their escape, I was grabbing my camera again for some more portraits. We knew the storm was coming so our window of opportunity was small but the shots we got in that moment are my favourite from the whole set. The light was just perfect and by that point Ceri & Stuart were used to my enthusiastic squeaks of joy so we got some awesome images. (thanks for entertaining me, guys!)

I really can’t wait to shoot their wedding at Sopley Mill. It’s going to be fab sharing their special day with them.

Hope you enjoyed looking through their pictures!





Loz & Poz’s Vineyard Wedding

 13th Jul 2017

Wow, wow, WOW, these guys…

I’m not even sure where to start with Loz & Poz’s B-E-A-UTIFUL vineyard wedding last month.

It took place at the gorgeous Court Gardens Vineyard in Ditchling. A stunning venue nestled in the south downs and the perfect setting for a relaxed outdoor wedding.

From the cute and unique wedding favours (all books by the Penguin publishing company, carefully collected during Laura & Paul’s wedding planning, and a nod to their New Zealand engagement), to the personal and heart-warming ceremony over-looking the vineyard. From the heartfelt speeches, (that made me cry! Thanks guys!) to the fabulous reception, I could just talk and talk about how perfect this day was. As a photographer you are always observing and my, MY, was there a lot to see! Laura & Paul did not stop laughing all day, I think it’s very clear from their photographs how they feel about each other. You could feel the love from each and every person who has the pleasure of knowing these guys and sharing such a wonderful day with them. We were absolutely spoilt with sublime places to shoot, and Laura & Paul completely embraced my ideas. A truly splendid couple to work with.

It was a true pleasure to be part of Laura & Paul’s special day. Here’s a little snippet of what I saw…


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